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Copyright is a Course


2.0 credits


Full course description

With the advent of the Internet, information is more readily available than ever before.  However, simply because information is freely available on the Internet that does not mean that it is all freely available to be reproduced without permission.  This course is meant as a guide to U. S. laws concerning copyright, the exemptions to those laws for use of copyrighted materials in an educational setting, and the technicalities concerning the exemptions to the law in which the user may unknowingly still breach copyright law despite every attempt to avoid this.


Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to

  • recognize materials that are considered under copyright

  • identify works that are considered to be in the public domain

  • identify the regulations concerning fair use of copyrighted materials for use in an educational setting

  • identify the TEACH Act requirements for the use of copyrighted materials in an educational setting

  • recognize services provided by HCC to aid in complying with copyright laws

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